Fall weddings are equally charming and romantic while spring is one of the most popular times to host a wedding. With fall’s bounty, picture friends and family in a cozy and intimate setting to experience the beauty of fall wedding. To incorporate the season into your event, there are tons of creative ways. To help you, here are some ideas for your fall wedding. 


It is true that you can host your event at any standard wedding location but for a picturesque fall wedding, you may want to consider an inn, meeting houses, old mills, 18th-century churches and even barns. 

You might also prefer at a vineyard, an apple orchard, or any place that will unite with the theme. Look for a venue with lots of rich dark wood and warmth such as a gentleman’s club or university club if you live in a climate where the leaves don’t change. To add extra special touch, a fireplace in the reception area will be great. 

By hanging sheaths of wheat or corn at the entrance, set the tone as soon as your guests enter the ceremony or reception space. To help carry the theme throughout the space, a color scheme of rich jewel tones or traditional falls such as hues like orange, red, brown, and yellow can be used.  

Choose a traditional fall color paired with something unexpected like chocolate brown with robin’s egg blue accents for a modern fall wedding. You can fill the room with the bounty of the season. For a similar effect, make jack-o-lanterns with decorative patterns rather than scary faces or you can also use a paper bag. 

For inexpensive prices during the fall, you can find mums, roses, daisies, yarrow, fall leaves, tallow berries and both natural and dried wheat. To make an elegant boutonniere, you can have a spray of wheat or a single mum accented with a pheasant feather. For your centerpiece containers, consider hollowing out pumpkins. 

For an autumn bride, cream and off-white dresses with gold beading and accents are appropriate options. To make the bridesmaids look wonderful, you can have them in jewel tone dresses while groomsmen can use brown or dark gray suits for a dapper look. You can also incorporate a limousine to make a grand entrance, you can contact Limo service phoenix. 

By serving a spiced cake or traditional cake flavors topped with fall fruit, you can add to your autumn theme, however, any wedding cake is fitting for a fall wedding. You can give a favor by keeping with the season such as candied or caramel apple. Consider giving each guest a jar of homemade preserves as they leave if you are crafty. 

Without talking about the Halloween wedding, a fall wedding guide would not be complete. You can have an usher greet them at the door with inexpensive yet stylish masks or you can ask guests to come in costume. The groom and bride can just use traditional wedding clothes or costumes. You may want to add plenty of pumpkins around for a spooky ambiance.