Since we were kids, our parents and teachers have always taught us that trees are very important and should be cherished and taken care of. When we have grown up a little, we have discovered the reasons why so, trees produce oxygen that is essential for life on this Earth. 

Aside from this all-important benefit, did you know that trees have a lot of other benefits too? Trees are really wonderful living things, and you should appreciate them more. To help you realize this, here is a list of surprising benefits when we have trees in our property.  

  1. Trees fight Climate Change

When trees produce the essential oxygen, they first absorb carbon dioxide in the air and then eventually convert it. When trees do this, they fight climate change because they are reducing the amount of harmful chemical in the atmosphere. If you are concerned for our environment, and you want a better world for the future generation, start by planting trees in your yard. 

  1. Trees can save you money

You might be wondering how trees can save you money since they can’t produce coins or bills in their branches. Trees, however, provide shade and can significantly trim your electrical bills down. You don’t have to use your air conditioning unit as much because the heat from the sun will be blocked by the big trunk, branches, and leaves of your tree. 

Just be smart on how to place your tree, and make sure that it blocks the path of the sunlight. To make sure on this step, consult professional tree services, click here to find one.  

  1. Trees Save Water

Water is also essential for our life, and we must do all we can to conserve it. It may be surprising, but trees also help us conserve and save our water. In one year, we are spending gallons of water in watering our small plants and lawns. If we have a tree or trees on our property though, they store up moisture in their leaves and branches, making the atmosphere moist and ideal for our grass and small plants. 

  1. Protection for our Skin

From the item number two, we now know that trees provide shade, and they reduced electric bills, but did you know that this shade also protects our skin. This is another benefit of having trees as shade; they block off ultraviolet rays from the sun that can harm us and our children. Plant a tree and have the peace of mind on staying and letting your kids play outdoors. 

  1. Trees provide food

Not all trees provide food, but you can surely plant the ones who do. An apple tree is an excellent example of this item, an apple tree can grow on many types of atmosphere, and it can exist there in your tiny urban lot. Not only does it give you occasional yields, but it can also be a source food for other animals like birds.